Galena Blooms
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Subscription Service


A fresh bouquet delivered to your home or business, or a family member or friend's door during the growing season. 

*Monthly rate: April-October: Small ($20), Medium ($30), or Large ($40)

*Bi-Monthly rate:  Small ($20), Medium ($30), or Large ($40)

*Weekly rate: Small ($15), Medium ($25), or Large ($35)



Subscription order form (print and mail):


Name of person flowers will be delivered to: ________________________________________________________________________________


Address where flowers will be delivered: ____________________________________________________________________________________




Day of the week flowers should be delivered--weekdays only (if monthly or bi-monthly, please specify by date):



Size of bouquet:  ________S ________M ________L

Monthly________ Bi-Monthly__________ Weekly________


Please mail this form and check or money order to: Galena Blooms, 589 Mill Lane, Galena, MD 21635

Or call (443) 480-2740 or e-mail ( for further details.


 * Does not include delivery charge--please call or e-mail for total.  Or pick up your flowers at the farm!

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